5 Health Benefits of Pilates Method of Exercise

You must have heard friends and coworkers claiming Pilates to be one of their favorite workout regimes, and even learned a thing or two about the myriad benefits of Pilates from the latest health & fitness magazines, but you have not yet tried the workout yourself.

Know this – Pilates is nearly a century-old practice and is not simply another passing fitness trend. There is actually ‘something to be said’ about the results of the much-hyped benefits of Pilates.

Each Pilates workout regime focuses on a series of exercises which strengthen your body’s inner core. These exercises are specifically designed in order to develop your flexibility, balance, strength, endurance as well as focus on developing proper posture. While Pilates’s many benefits don’t necessarily involve weight loss or cardio fitness, but when these are incorporated into your regular exercise program, Pilates can significantly enhance your performance in almost all other physical activities. 

Here are 5 health benefits of Pilates method of exercise:

Enhanced flexibility

Let’s face it – your age, genetics, and lifestyle in general, all play a vital role in an individual’s physical limitations. Inserting a regular well-planned Pilates routine into your workout regime will not only greatly improve your body’s flexibility, but also aid your body in reaching its maximum potential easily. Improving your body’s flexibility can also lead to a much better performance in sports-based activities, and even make your everyday tasks much easier to handle. Plus, it will help you in avoiding activity-based injuries.

Greater strength

Whereas most popular exercise programs usually focus on strengthening some aspect of your body, one of the most important advantages of Pilates is that it typically works to strengthen the muscles you use throughout your day. This could be highly helpful to a person who is having trouble in getting up from a seated position, and will also aid anyone looking to train to run a marathon.

Increased body awareness

Pilates will teach you the significance of a better posture and also, how you should properly contract the muscles of your stomach. It will also teach you to have a razor-sharp focus on your breathing. This, in turn, will give you a heightened sense of body awareness. You are going to become much more aware of how you maintain your body posture, and you might also find yourself engaging your inner core, as you watch TV, or while driving or maybe, when you’re busy performing other daily routine tasks.

Better balancing

In your daily activities, you probably do many little things that could interfere with the posture of the proper alignment of your spine (for instance, if you carry a heavy briefcase or a purse, or pick up your little kids, etc.). Gradually, these little tasks can have a big impact on your balance and end up weakening your core. Pilates, as we mentioned before, focuses mainly on strengthening your core. This is pertinent for good balance.

Emotional wellbeing

Besides physical wellbeing, Pilates can also greatly benefit your emotional and mental health as well. Each workout routine will significantly help you in lengthening and strengthening your muscles. This improves circulation and releases tension. The butter-smooth, well-balanced movements of Pilates also aid in quieting your mind and promotes an overall feeling of wholesome wellbeing – read article on pilates and your palate.

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